Company Automator Integrations


Integrated and Connected to your favorite platforms.


Connect Company Automator with MailChimp to automate email campaigns and synchronize customer data, streamlining marketing efforts.


Integrate Company Automator with Zapier to automate workflows and connect with thousands of apps, eliminating manual tasks and improving productivity.


Simplify integration tasks by connecting Company Automator with Integrately, leveraging pre-built templates for seamless data exchange and automation.


Streamline sales processes by connecting Company Automator with Pipedrive, syncing customer data and automating sales tasks for improved efficiency.


Centralize data management by integrating Company Automator with Airtable, enabling effective organization, collaboration, and workflow automation.

Google Sheets

Sync Company Automator with Google Sheets to centralize data storage and facilitate collaboration, enabling easy data import/export and custom reporting.

Integrations on Request

Users can request custom integrations for Company Automator, allowing them to connect with their preferred tools and services seamlessly. Whether it’s a specific CRM, project management software, or accounting platform, our team is dedicated to fulfilling integration requests to meet the unique needs of our users.

Use our features for FREE

You can use all our automation tools for free to see how they all work. Once you are happy with the results, you can contact our sales team and we can make a very affordable package for your business.

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